Detailed Agenda


7:45 AM Registration opens and continental breakfast
8:30 AM Opening comments from the chair
8:45 AM How to benefit from the latest digital signage: trends and opportunities in digital signage
Digital signage is becoming an affordable and valuable way to inform, educate and entertain key constituents. Keep your fingers on the pulse of an industry leveraging technology for improved communications.
  • Become knowledgeable with key players in the industry
  • Find out the drivers and growth in digital signage
  • Familiarise yourself with trends in different regions and recent projects

Better understand the market and prepare for your current or future digital signage deployment.

Chris Heap,
Managing Director,
Imperative Group
Florian Rotberg,
Managing Director,
invidis consulting GmbH

9:30 AM

Case Study: Healthcare - Educate/Inform
How proactive communication with staff and patients enhances patient care
The healthcare is one of the fastest growing areas for digital signage. With a large staff population combined with waiting patients and visitors, a dynamic screen network can help keep all stakeholders informed.

Hear from the organisation awarded the Best Internal Communications Award 2009 by the Association of Healthcare Communicators.

  • Generate a sense of unity and purpose among staff
  • Display topical information in real-time
  • Inform patients and increase health promotion compliance

Educate, entertain and improve patient satisfaction through dynamic messaging.

Fiona Alexander,
Director of Communications,
University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
10:15 AM Mid-morning networking break
Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees and secure important new business contacts.
10:45 AM

Case Study: University - Investment criteria
Making the case for investment in digital signage communication and measuring the ROI
In 2009, the BI Norwegian School of Management, one of Europe’s largest business schools, launched a digital signage network throughout all five of its campuses; 38 screens delivering information to the student, staff, and visiting population.

Take away strategies on how the project came together and its success to date.

  • Take awat strategies on how the project came together and its success to date.
  • Vendor selection requirements and evaluation criteria
  • Benefits and value of digital signage for campus communication

Learn how your organisation can make the case and benefit from a digital signage network.

Head of Information,
BI Norwegian School of Management (Norway)

11:30 AM Case study: Keynote
Using an intelligent and innovative digital signage strategy to reduce total cost of ownership
Come learn about Intel’s innovation strategy, technology, products, platforms and initiatives designed to fuel the growth of the Digital Signage Industry.
  • Lower total cost of ownership via advanced remote management, repair capabilities and energy efficiency solutions
  • Drive increased ROI to advertisers via Anonymous Video Analytics metrics
  • Deliver rich highly interactive experiences to end-users via high performing platforms

Hear how innovative solutions can help lower your total cost of ownership, provide analytics and deliver a rich use experience.

Jose Avalos
Director of Digital Signage,
Intel Corporation
12:15 PM Networking lunch
Join the conference speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.
1:30 PM

Hands on workshop
How to develop your digital signage network: setting objectives, budget and content strategy
Roll up your sleeves and assume the role of a digital signage project manager. In a peer-to-peer environment, enhance your learning and understanding of how to approach your digital signage project.

One of your best sessions — not to be missed!

Each group will be assigned a different venue/location, i.e. Retail store, university, healthcare facility, with corresponding details on demographics. Brainstorm and outline the following:

  • Determine the objective(s) for your network
  • Create a budget for the network
  • Develop your strategy for screen placements and content

Knowledgeable industry vendors and suppliers will be asked to facilitate and guide each group through the process. One person from each group will be nominated to share the results with the rest of the delegates. The chairperson and audience will provide additional feedback and ideas.

This structured and facilitated session will provide maximum learning and take-away value.

2:45 PM Panel
Software options: building a selection framework to ensure interoperability, fit and success

At the core of the digital signage project is the software platform, responsible for content creation and management, scheduling and more. It can be a complicated area to navigate, but this session can help act as your compass.
  • Determine your needs and resources for best fit
  • Explore security, scalability and digital rights management
  • Discuss pros and cons of Software-as-a-Service versus self-hosted

Make an informed choice when it comes to your software investment.

3:45 PM Mid-afternoon network break
Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees. Share your thoughts on the day’s sessions.
4:00 PM

Case study: Automotive - Drive Sales
How to redefine your showroom with tailored services and communication to improve customer experience and drive sales

The Infiniti Total Ownership Experience is taking automotive shopping to a new level! The “boutique hotel” concept focuses on a premium environment supported by tailored services and dynamic communications. Hear how the new dealer showrooms are making an impact.

  • A new customer experience concept
  • Integrate signage with furnishing and ambient sound
  • Customize content for each location and track effectiveness
Martin Jobin,
Interactive Marketing Manager,
Infiniti Europe
4:45 PM Social activities
Unwind and mingle with the delegates and speakers at our exclusive end-of-the-day gatherings. Bring your business cards!


7:45 AM Registration opens and continental breakfast
8:30 AM Opening comments from the chairperson
8:45 AM Case study: Corporate communication - Training/Culture
How to reinvigorate employee engagement and foster corporate culture with digital signage

Communicating to employees, whether in the tens, hundreds or thousands, is no small feat. Effectiveness is not restricted to just the message itself, but also the medium that delivers it. Hear how a leading organisation has embraced digital signage as part of its core corporate communication program. Take away strategies to...
  • Reduce printing costs and improve speed of information delivery
  • Integrate with audio-visual and boardroom capabilities
  • Secure buy-in across departments and strategies for ongoing management

Reinvigorate your corporate communication and keep your staff engaged..

Clive Tugwell,
New Media Manager,
Wessex Water
Tom Chippendale,
New Media Project Coordinator,
Wessex Water
9:30 AM Case study: Culture centre - Digital signage rollout
Success factors and best practices to make your network a success
Combining culture, education and entertainment, facilities such as museums and science centres have unique communications needs. Opening its doors in April 2008, the Newseum in Washington, DC boasts 250,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space and 100+ screens. Hear from the executive directly responsible for the purchase and installation of the network.
  • Objectives for displays and specific requirements
  • Overview of signage workflow and video and control system
  • Lessons learned and tips for installation success

Use this information to better plan for and manage challenges that come your way.

Bud Connor,
Director of Engineering,
Newseum (USA)

10:15 AM Mid-morning networking break
Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and connect with conference speakers and fellow attendees.
10:45 AM Case study: Financial - Merchandising
How to better promote your products and services: creating a merchandising solution to drive sales lift with digital signage
A network of screens is a power tool to not only entertain and reduce perceived wait time, but also promote products and services. Hear how Sovereign Bank, a subsidiary of Banco Santander, uses digital signage to enhance customer communications. Take away strategies for your organisation on how to...
  • Integrate messaging through various channels and customise play lists
  • Track the effectiveness and value of the network
  • Best practices for the financial/retail environment

Learn today how dynamic digital signage/content can change consumer behaviour and activate sales.

Bryan Meszaros,
Director, Strategy & Development,
OpenEye Global (USA)

11:30 AM

Case study: Corporate communication - Content
How to grab attention and improve engagement with compelling programming and content

A successful digital signage network is highly dependent on the content. To do it right, it needs to be more than an afterthought.

Join this must-attend session and take way strategies to develop your content strategy for this unique medium.

  • Understand your viewers and objectives
  • View template samples on design best practices and corporate branding
  • Identify media assets, build your program loop and manage the content

Take away practical tips to help ensure your digital signage influences, educates and entertains.

Adam Lloyd,
Head of Internal Communications,
Ericsson Ltd.
Peter Critchley,
Managing Director,
Beaver Group
12:15 PM Networking lunch
Join the conference speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.
1:30 PM Case study: University - Network standardisation
Standardising digital signage systems across multiple locations within budget and without compromising the brand
A digital signage project can originate out of one building or department then quickly spread to others. Eventually a smattering of displays and solutions co-exist, with no standardisation across campus. Hear how one university is tackling this challenge.
  • Current set-up and future roll out plans
  • Challenges and strategies for infrastructure integration
  • Corporate branding across locations

Hear how you can most effectively integrate and unify disparate signage systems.

Kris Collins,
Online Marketing Manager,
University of Bedfordshire
John Wells,
Computer Services Manager,
University of Bedfordshire
2:15 PM Case study: Convention centre - Interactive
How to leveraging interactive technology and targeted messaging to create a memorable visitor experience

With its two venues, Montjuïc and Gran Via, the Fira de Barcelona boasts the largest trade fair area in Spain. Hear how large projectors, video screen walls and LED strips form its dynamic interactive communication channel.
  • Explore content challenges and opportunities for all the screens
  • Direct traffic flow and boost sales for restaurants, activities, etc.
  • Enhance the environment with positive digital visuals

See how different applications of digital signage can add value to your organisation and space with interactive engagement.

Ignacio Lamarca,
Focus on Emotions (Spain)

3:00 PM Mid-afternoon networking break
Exchange business cards and interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.
3:15 PM Case study: Integrator strategy
Digital signage best practices Deployments: Save Time, Money and Frustration
No matter the scale and scope of your digital signage project, you want to be prepared for what’s ahead. Join this panel of practitioners who will share their experience, with plenty of time for feedback and discussion with the audience.
  • Identify the needs of different users
  • Set and manage expectations of all parties.
  • Understand success factors from pilot to rollout

Learn from those who have been in the trenches and plan your project for success.

Marcus-Michael Müller,
Business Unit Manager Video Solutions,
Computacenter AG & Co oHG (Germany)
4:00 PM Conference concludes

About this conference

Strategy Institute is proud to host the Digital Signage Strategies Forum as part of the Screen Media Expo lineup, bringing together thought leaders and realworld practitioners across Europe. As the FIRST and ONLY end-user event in Europe, this forum is the ideal place for both new and existing end-users of digital signage, systems integrators and solutions providers to learn and share best practices. With a cross-industry case study focused program combined with expert sessions, attendees get the start-to-finish approach of implementing a digital signage project. This prestigious forum equips end-users with the knowledge to make the right investment and manage their projects with confidence!

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